Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jazz vs. Hose

"Bathtime!" My mom says. "No." I say.

The hose. This means war.

I DONT LIKE WATER. Its for drinking so why spray it all over me?

Mom unraveled the hose and turned it on. The water started coming out and that was my sign to run. Or try too. I jumped around for a minute but mom was to strong. She got my feet wet and started moving up. I started jumping around and trying to run. This happened... maybe.. 5 or 6 times before Mom finally got me soaked.

I stood there for a minute. I wasnt gonna give up, I was gonne get even with Mom. Right when she turned off the water I slipped my leash collar and did my laps around the house. Mom chased me until I got tired. I stood there with her. She was mad and I was all muddy. She took me by the hose again and we battled again.
She got me wet and I would try to jump/run. Again this went on till I was finally all wet again.

Me and Mom stood outside for a few. She then let me outside (feeeew)


  1. Oh, Jazz! The HORROR! There is nothing I hate worse than a dastardly bath! You have my utmost sympathies!


  2. Jazz, us heeler's love the hose, well the Red's do. I Gus am like you. I would rather do without it...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  3. That is most unfortunate! You need to claim a shoe as your revenge. :)

  4. hey devilish angel till you decide one way or the other,

    yes, i would plot a revenge and maybe hose her down so she'd know how it feels!

    chikisses and devil or angel, you are dang gorgeous

  5. Definitely about time for the yearly greyhound baths. :-)